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About the Guild

Lunacy Unbound was founded on November 4th 2003. The goal was to establish a progressive raiding guild, while keeping a unique fun feel and atmosphere, and above all else without any drama. The type of members we look for are people who know their class very well, can operate in a team-based environment, and are dedicated to staying with the guild. We also have our "grouper" division of the guild for friends and family of members who enjoy playing EverQuest but do not wish to raid.

Guild Structure

The guild is broken down into several circles of responsibility and ranks:

Guild Leader: Overall management of the guild. Establish policy and procedure. Maintain guild cohesion and set direction.

Officer: This level of officer serves many purposes and handles the day to day operation of the guild's functions. This includes raid leaders, recruitment, and administrative officers.

Lieutenant: This level of officer serve as raid leaders, mentors, class guides, and game mechanics experts.

Trooper: Raiding Full Members in good standing.

Retired: Retired Raiders.

Applicant: Trial Raiders.

Casual: Grouping members of the guild that are not required to raid.

Alternate: Alternate characters.

Applicants can apply through the Lunacy Unbound Website, under the "apply now" link on the right.

Once an application is submitted the guild members will make comments of their experiences and impression of that character. After the initial consideration phase is over the application will be either accepted or declined. If the application is accepted the applicant will be invited as a "trial" member to the guild. During the trial period the recruit will be expected to achieve a raid attendance percentage of 50% and will be evaluated on their general fit in the guild and knowledge of their class. Guild credit during trial is earned as a normal member, however they will only be permitted to bid when all present full members pass on the item.

A guild trial will last generally 30 days, if the recruit is not accepted to the guild by the time the trial period has ended they will be removed from the guild at that time (based on the guild leader or administrative/recruitment officer discretion). They may however apply once again if in the future they can meet the guild's expectations.

Members of Lunacy Unbound are expected to conduct themselves in a manner of mutual respect for their guildmates and the population of the Tunare server. Members are required to adhere to the rules of conduct established by Daybreak Games and Everquest Rules. This includes play-nice policy and rules regarding bullying and harassment. Remember we are all here to have fun, but your fun should not come at the expense of someone else's.

Policies and procedures are constantly updated in the guild's forums. Members must read and be familiar with all officer posts in the forums and follow the policies detailed therein. It is assumed that members are regularly reading the boards and ignorance of information there will not be accepted as an excuse.

Show your tag!

We are proud of who we are and where we got to be. We request that you avoid using /anon if /role will suffice. If you need to go anonymous for some reason, please speak to your class leader or an officer to explain why.

Leave of Absences:

Members requiring extended amounts of time from raiding need to alert guild leadership if they plan to be off for over 2 weeks. Members who go missing for more than 1 month may be removed or demoted to grouper status and will go through a probationary period before bidding again. They may also forfeit previously earned EGC. Officers (Officers and Lieutenants) who leave without a posted LoA or whose attendance drops below 30% in the past 30 days may be demoted and replaced by more active members.


If a person removes themselves from the guild, they may petition the guild leader for readmission within 1 week of removing. If they do not petition within 1 week, that person may re-apply to the guild. Under either circumstance, if the former member is accepted back into the guild, that member will then be on a 2 week probationary period in which they may not be allowed to bid on any loot. Upon a second self-removal, that person will no longer be permitted to rejoin the guild at any time nor be permitted to attend any of the guild's events as a guest.

Loot Etiquette:

Do not loot more than one of a Lore item

Before looting or bidding on an item please consider the benefit to you versus the other people asking for the item. Group loot is determined by the group. Please establish loot rules regarding high-value items at the beginning of a group and when new people join the group, to avoid complications when said items drop. On raids your EGC is yours to spend how you wish but consider the bigger picture in your decision. Consider all of the item's stats; think if an item may be designed for its maximum benefits to be for certain classes. Remember there is plenty of loot to go around. When raiding with outside raid forces, you are expected to adhere to the established rules of that raid force and to act as a representative of LU.

EGC Penalties:

Minor infractions involving looting or bidding errors may include an EGC fine in addition to any bid cost or other penalty that may have occurred. This may include, but is not limited to: accidental ninja looting or looting the wrong item, looting duplicate items, bidding or rolling on something you already have, rolling and auto-looting items that are being bid for EGC or DKP. Repeated infractions will result in increased fines. Flagrant violations may result in probation or guild removal.


Other rule infractions that aren't severe enough to warrant removal from the guild will be dealt with by a probationary period during which the party in question will be expected to login and be available to raid at least 50% of the time and will not be allowed to bid or roll on raid loot for any of their characters. Disciplinary probation shall not last longer than 30 days. Attendance-related probation may last as long as it takes to re-attain 50% raid attendance (out of last 30 days).

Maintaining Good Standing

Members are considered to be in good standing and able to earn items if they meet at least a 50% monthly raid attendance quota in the last 30 days and are not under any form of disciplinary action (I.E. probation).


Raiding members earn guild credits (EGC). EGC (Earned Guild Credits) are the guild currency. EGC is predominantly earned by raiding at the rate of 1 EGC per hour. Special EGC bonuses may be offered as incentive for completing guild-set objectives or for exemplary aid to the guild. Credits are earned by declared main toons only. All raids are considered mandatory for raiders unless specifically stated otherwise; which means that if you are online you are required to attend if requested.

Going AFK

If you have to go AFK during a raid event, or in between events, you are required to inform the raid leader or another officer who is present, and inform them when you return. If you go AFK during an event that requires close attention to emotes or other mechanics where being AFK can cause a failure, you are required to leave the zone. If it is an emergency so urgent you can't inform someone, either camp out or /exit to remove yourself from the game and then explain why when you get back. Going AFK without letting someone know will result in being removed from the raid and all raid dumps for the night.

Raid Leaders

The active raid leader is a very busy person. If you have a question about an event, ask it before we start, while it is being explained, not in the middle. Ask your group or class leader. If you have a question that isn't related to the event we are currently doing, ask another officer or the guild leader, and be prepared to wait until the event is over for a response.

Non-guild raids

Raiding current content with your main outside of LU is not permitted unless specifically stated by an officer. Alts may raid with other raid forces outside of LU raid hours, however, it is not permitted to share proprietary raid strategies or other privileged information with outsiders without permission. You must follow our code of conduct and adhere to established rules for looting and raid behavior.

Current content: Night of Shadows (all events)


EGC can be spent as guild currency for items earned on raids that will be used by only the member who bids on the item. Items earned on raids cannot be sold or transferred without the express consent of the guild leader. Bidders/Rollers must be in good standing which means above a 50% raid percentage and not under any disciplinary action I.E.. probation.

Order of bidding:

Group 1:Mains in good standing -> Group2:Trials and Members less than 50% -> Group3:Groupers (Only if on the raid) -> Guilded Alts

Priority during Alt bidding will follow the same hierarchy as for Mains. Group1, then Group2, then Group3. Please pay attention to your Raid Attendance

Members on disciplinary probation may not get loot under any circumstances even in the case of rotting loots.

DZ Swaps for Raid Coins and Flags

At the discretion of whoever is the designated raid leader, it may sometimes be permitted to request a DZ Swap for your guilded Alt. The raid leader will announce when they are accepting DZ Swaps. Do not request a swap before this announcement. Make sure you are completely done with upgrading your gear on your main, don't need the achievements for that raid, don't need flags or currency or ornaments. Send the tell from your main in the form "/tell RaidLeader dzswap MyMain MyAlt please". At any time, the raid leader may simply refuse to do these or may request that you specify one Alt as your designated DZ Swap Alt. If the Raid leader announces room for DZ Adds (i.e. there is room in the DZ for adds rather than swaps) you may request 1 guilded alt to be added, not 2, not 3. First come, first serve. Added alts will be dropped for mains who login late.


An item is placed up for bid. During this time full members in good standing who were present at the time of the mob engagement will begin making whole number incremental EGC bids in guildsay. Comments not directly related to bidding should be kept out of guildsay during bids. Fractional point increments are prohibited. Once bidding ends, the item is awarded to the person with the highest bid. In the case of duplicate bids the 1st person to make the bid wins. No item may be looted until all bids are complete and the item is "SOLD". Multiple identical items will generally be bid together and awarded to top bidders. In the case of tradable loot all items won are to be used by the character that has bid on the item.

Assigned Loot: Tradeskill or special raid only quest drops will be assigned to members who are ready to use the drop in the order of raid attendance percentage.
Rotting loot: No-Drop Loot that will rot because of lack of bids will first be opened up for bidding to trial members and then be randomed off to all at no point cost. Loot that is tradable will be saved for the guild bank which will then be offered to the guild on an EGC auction to be held in the forums or sold for guild funds.
Spells: At the beginning of an expansion, spell runes are assigned by the officers, for key spells and buffs. After those key spells are covered, distribution of spells will become systematic to ensure fair distribution among classes, with consideration given to those with higher raid attendance. Once it gets to a point where many of the classes are simply passing on the runes, they will go "Free for All" (FFA). At this point, only loot one per week per person, unless otherwise directed. Even during FFA distribution, spells will go in the same order of priority as loot bidding, as specified above.
Augs: Augments that drop from mobs other than the main intended target are up for randoming to all attending the raid. Certain augs with specific melee effects may be limited to melee classes only, or ones with specific casting focus effects or high mana regen may be limited to caster classes only. Officers will determine what is rollable or to be bid based on the drop, and will announce any restrictions at the time of the drop.
Bags: High capacity bags will be randomed to those present at the discretion of raid officers.
Lore Items: Do not bid or roll on Lore items you have already won. There may be EGC penalties for mistakes and harsher penalties for flagrant or repeated infractions.

Requirements for Groupers (applies to Raiders as well)

  • Must fill out a guild application
  • Must have max level
  • Must meet AA requirements for your class
  • Must be All Access (Gold) members with latest expansion
  • Must play regularly (members that are offline for longer than 3 months without notification may be removed)
  • Must follow guild Code of Conduct


  • Grouping members of the guild who would like to become raiding members may receive special consideration
  • Raid loot may be offered to grouping members if it is not bid upon


  • Must never go anon
  • Groupers do not earn raiding points

We use Discord to facilitate raid instructions. Everyone is expected to login to Discord during raids with at least the ability to listen. If you have a microphone, please use push-to-talk functionality to avoid "hot mic" situations where ambient noise or feedback impinges.

Please limit communication to event-related comments and leave the channel open for leadership to give instructions. Verbal abuse is not permitted. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. Gross-out jokes and comments are also not permitted during raids.

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